You may have head of the growing vacation trend for couples called a Sexcation . If you are not familiar with the term its a getaway for husband and wife without the kids, young couples needing a break from work stress or for any couple that needs to reconnect with there significant other.

So forget the job and the bills and the daily grind, it’s time to pamper you and yours! Take some time to rekindle, reconnect and renew your sex life by logging on for free at Sexcation Nation.

Plan a day, weekend, week or month away at a secluded spot for two and go back to the time when your sexual excitement didn’t wait until the kids were tucked in and the laundry was folded and put away.

Sign up for free and plan a hidden weekend where you can forget the stress and make up for lost time. It’s fun and exciting to share your ideas, pictures and even videos. Get advice from other members or share some of your own – it’s all about you and your husband, wife or lover at Sexcation Nation!



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Sexcation Tips

Sexcations are fun, every couple should have one(or many) but there’s some things to remember.

1. Be Alone! – Hotels are best for this. Don’t do a B&b you want somewhere were you can order food when you want and you never have to leave the room. Also Sexcation are for just you and your significant other. Don’t invite friends and family because then you’ll be obligated to go out and do things unrelated to sex ( making your vacation just a vacation and not a sexcation).

2. Don’t make a game plan but you cant just wing it- Bring some fun as sex could get boring, lingerie, toys and games could be help.

3. Don’t forget! – condoms and Gatorade ( you don’t want to leave the room more then needed)


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sexcation sexcation sexcation sexcation

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